Friday, May 26, 2023

New Wave / New Wave

On Twitter, a designer who identifies himself only as Mark (Stuff_By_Mark @The_Ren1981has been putting up these imaginary movie posters that take New Wave songs and imagine each of them as a film from the New Wave of British cinema aka 1960s kitchen-sink realism.  It's a clever idea that cuts to the core of what these groups were about - and it's nicely done. 

Only quibble: "Too Much Too Young" is perfect as Specials choice, but "Friday Night, Saturday Morning" would have been even perfecter.  

He does do "Up the Junction" for Squeeze, but of course that was actually originally the title of a film from that run of kitchen-sink cinema. 

Not sure Talking Heads should be in this company, 
since they are not UK 
and this genre of films is so utterly British

But Pulp, next up, totally fit as the extension of this New Wave
 aesthetic into the '90s

A song by the Streets, or Lily Allen would also fit very well, as would 
Arctic Monkeys whose debut album takes a line of Arthur Seaton's 
from Saturday Night, Sunday Morning.

Now this one - The Kinks's "Waterloo Sunset" - is slightly anomalous, given that it's the same era as the original films). 

Another bit of Mark Retro graphic design based around the Beatles

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